It All Started In 2014.

On Thursday, 19 June 2014, I left my island home of Bermuda, to embark on a journey to London, England.

Yes, you read correctly. I left sunny Bermuda, with its sub-tropical climate, pink sandy beaches and turquoise waters, to live in not so sunny and dreary London. Lol yep… crazy I know!Β IMG_2397_2

I sold my belongings, gave up my apartment and took the biggest leap of faith of my life. I had a plan of sorts, but of course I had no idea of what awaited me. But I was excited as hell. I was going to be in London. I could get my fill of fashion, football and endless possibilities unknown to me.

See, this was going to be the first time I would have been away from home for an extended period of time. I was not able to attend college and uni so I was taking a big chance. I didn’t know if homesickness would kick in. What if after a week I couldn’t take it anymore? What if it was too overwhelming after a month?

Luckily for me I was going to be sharing a flat with another Bermudian, a very close friend of mine. He had previously returned back to the UK in November 2013, and it made sense financially to share a flat together. He is actually one of the reasons I wanted to go to London.

Since 2012 I knew I wanted to leave Bermuda, that there was more to life than the 21sq miles I call home. There was something missing; that I should be doing more exciting work and living in another country. I always said when I was younger I would like to live in England, and I think having an aunt who lived there for 30 years and that being my first trip at 5 years old was an influence from early on.

So 2014 it was. I said my ‘see you laters’, I told my mom to think of it as an extended vacation. I fought hard not to cry at the airport and I surely failed! All day I was on the verge of tears really. Even when I said goodbye to my neighbors. I went through security, tears on my cheeks ready to take on London.

My fam.. at L.F. Wade Airport
My fam.. at L.F. Wade Airport

It’s now evident, London had a lot more in store for me than I could imagine.


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