What A Year In London Taught Me

So as you know, I flew off to London for a year. Across the Pond I went, in search of glamour and adventure of sorts.


Now I intended to stay for an extended length of time. I gave myself 5 years at first, but then I told myself 2 more years. I enjoyed London, but I knew it wasn’t ‘home.’ This was all before I became pregnant of course.

Here’s a few things that London taught me.

  1. London is expensive. Everyone knows this but until you live and work there, I don’t think you’ll fully realise the extent of it. You hope and pray you can get a job that pays at least £10 per hour in order for you to pay the bills. Here I thought Bermuda was expensive.
  2. London will teach you how to budget like a pro. ALL THE TIME. With public transport not being exactly cheap, you’re always looking to save money on your journeys. This is a big chunk of your budget. Unlike Bermuda, and depending on where you live in London, you can’t just walk to work or get a lift when there’s a strike or if you have no money.
  3. You are constantly aware of the time difference. Being abroad and having a 4 hour time difference, you are always working out the time and when you will be able to talk to your friends and loved ones.
  4. Blackout curtains are your best friend. I was caught totally by surprise my first day in London. I still had jet lag and was up at 3am when I noticed the sky was getting lighter. I thought I was bugging!! Then my flatmate informed me that indeed the sun rose stupid early during Day Light Saving Time, but when day it ended, it can start getting dark around 3:30pm. Now that sucked.
  5. Some people’s ears are ‘virgin ears’ when it comes to accents.  Even though English is my first language, I encountered a great deal of people that sometimes had a hard time understanding me because of my accent.  These were people from various countries by the way, not just England.
  6. Always carry an umbrella. You never know when you may get caught in a shower and you may not have the funds to buy a new brelly if you left yours at home.
  7. Drink before you go to the club.  This isn’t important but still it’s worth sharing lol. Bwoy oh bwoy!!! Liquor is damn expensive. I actually didn’t drink a whole lot while I was in London, but when I did go out, I drank while at home. You’ll see lots of people doing this or drinking in the queue.
  8. The ignorance towards other cultures is really real. Bermuda is very veryyyyy small, and there are lots of things that we are not really exposed to. It was amazing and disappointing to see how some people act towards others with different cultural backgrounds. It made me appreciate Bermuda a lot more.
  9. Google Maps is your best friend. If you don’t ever use Google Maps then you’re bloody awesome. I have had to use it numerous times to go to a recruiter or an interview. It’s a necessity. You can’t live without it as long as you live in London.
  10. There really is no place like home. There will always be something you don’t like about home, but at the end of the day….home can never be replaced.
Bermuda Proud!!
Bermuda Proud!!



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